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Centium HRM aims to be the world’s leading HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a flexible and easy to use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide.

Today Centium HRM has users worldwide enjoying a free, stable and highly usable HRM solution. The system is backed by professional support and services as well as a fast growing, receptive and knowledgeable worldwide community. By building and leveraging this community of users, developers and partners, the usability, scope and international adoption of Centium HRM is continuously being improved.

Centium HRM offers a flexible and easy to use solution for small and medium sized companies free of charge. By providing modules for personnel information management, employee self service, leave, time & attendance‚ benefits and recruitment companies are able to manage the crucial organization asset – people. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning your HR processes along with the organizational goals.
Admin Module
The part of the system where the HR Manager or other appointed personnel perform all system administration tasks. This include defining company structure‚ pay grades and other information that serves as the backbone for the rest of the system. Security issues are taken care of through this module as well by defining user rights.


  • Define Company Info (General Information‚ Company Structure‚ Locations)
  • Define Job information (Job titles‚ Pay Grades‚ Employment Statuses‚ EEO Job Categories)
  • Define Qualification Information (Education, Licenses)
  • Define Skills (Skills‚ Languages)
  • Define Memberships and Membership types
  • Define Nationalities   Races
  • Define Users
  • Configure and subscribe for E-mail Notifications
Personal Information Module
This core module maintains all relevant employee related information‚ including different types of personal information‚ detailed qualifications and work experience‚ job related information etc. Picture of employee is included as well. Information captured in this module is utilized by all other modules‚ thus eliminating data redundancy.


  • Personal information (Date of birth, SSN, nationality, ethnic race etc.)
  • Color picture
  • Contact details
  • Emergency Contact(s)
  • Dependents
  • Immigration details (Passport & Visa info)
  • Job information
  • Payment details (Pay Grade & Salary)
  • Employee reporting structure (Assign Supervisor)
  • Work Experience
  • Education details
  • Skills
  • Assign Languages
  • Assign Licenses
  • Assign Memberships
  • Attachments
  • Define employee id (which was previously auto generated)
  • Display more employee details in the employee list
  • Search with more fields
Employee Self Service
Employee self service is a powerful tool providing employees of the company with the ability to view relevant information such as personal information‚ updating personal information with web - enabled PC without having to hassle the HR staff. The functionality of this module spans through the entire system‚ making information available anywhere‚ anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy‚ where everyone can only view the information he / she is authorized to. Time and cost saving effects from this solution are tremendous.
Report Module
This feature produces customized reports according to your needs. Any number of reports can be defined by selecting from a range of search criteria and report fields. Report definitions can be saved to avoid repeating this task. Once the report definition is saved‚ the report can be generated by providing the required criteria data.
Leave Module
A comprehensive leave management module‚ with extensive possibilities of defining leave types and more. It caters for all application and approval processes and is able to display information on leave entitlement‚ balance‚ history etc. Thanks to the web-enabled and self-service concepts‚ it significantly streamlines all leave related procedures‚ eliminates paperwork and saves costs.


  • Define Leave Types
  • View Leave Summary of all employees in one screen
  • Define Days-off (weekends and specific holidays)
  • Apply for and assign continuous leave
  • Receive auto notification e-mails after performing leave related operations
Time and Attendance Module
The module automates time tracking related processes. The offered functionality enhances the organization’s performance by eliminating paperwork and manual processes associated with time and attendance needs. The sophisticated module helps to efficiently organize labor data‚ improve the workforce management and minimize errors in enforcement of company’s attendance policies.


  • Define organization’s customers and projects
  • Create timesheets
  • Define Days-off (weekends and specific holidays)
  • Administration and management of your own and your subordinate’s timesheets
Benefit Module
Integrated platform to manage benefit-related tasks. Covers medical and welfare benefits‚ with possibilities to define new benefits‚ by type‚ provider and several other areas. Assigning benefits to employees happens in a variety of ways‚ individually‚ designation-wise or other. Benefits history and other information can be displayed through rich reporting capabilities.


  • Define HSP
  • Employee HSP Summary
  • HSP Payments Due
  • HSP Expenditure
  • HSP Request
Recruitment Module
Comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process‚ including requests for staff‚ approval of vacancies‚ entering requirements‚ capturing candidates information‚ short-listing‚ interview notes and other features. The module also allows HR professionals to generate templates and documentation to streamline the whole recruitment process.

Performance Module
Another natural attachment to Centium HRM. While simplifying the performance review process you can communicate the key performance indicators for each job title allowing the employees to understand and achieve your expectations.
Support Services
How to Install
Centium HRM is very easy to install. Whether you use Windows or Linux, and you will have Centium HRM running within minutes.

The pre-requirements are:

  • Apache HTTP Server 1.3 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • PHP 5.1.0 or later

If you already have Apache HTTP Webserver (and PHP loaded as an Apache Module) and MySQL running, then you have everything you need.

AMP Stack :

AMP Stack for Windows

Recommended AMP stack for Windows is XAMPP Windows.Download

Notice: Make sure you download the Installer from the Basic Package and not the upgrades, developer packs, etc.

After downloading, start installing XAMPP for Windows.

  • You can choose the default installation location and click ’Next‘
  • When asked to "Install XAMPP Servers (Apache, MySQL etc) as service?",
    • When asked "Install Apache 2 as service?", select Yes
    • When asked "Install MySQL as service?", select Yes
  • You may skip the other services by selecting No since they are not required for OrangeHRM
  • Select Yes to start the XAMPP control panel too.


  • In case you use any firewall software (i.e.: Windows Firewall) and if it prompts please make sure that XAMPP services (Apache Web Server, MySQL) are exempted from the blocked list.
  • If you use Skype, this may result in a port conflict with Apache web-server included in XAMPP when install. Therefore make sure you re-start Windows to make sure that XAMPP services start before Skype (then Skype will go for an alternate port).

AMP Stack for Linux

Recommended AMP stack for Linux is XAMPP Linux.Download

Notice: Make sure you download complete stack (usually the biggest download out of the lot) and not the upgrades, developer packs, etc.

After downloading, install XAMPP Linux. Follow the instructions that comes with XAMPP Linux or given on the XAMPP site.

Note: You always have to manually start the stack, every time you reboot.

Why Customize Your Centium HRM?

Centium HRM contains all the essential features that HR Professionals need to manage their employees effectively. However, you may have specific needs to be integrated into Centium HRM to fully utilize its capabilities.

The Centium team can address your specific requirements by developing and delivering a customized version of the product. Contact our professional services team specifying the changes you wish and they will reply to you with a proposal.

Optimize the Use of Centium HRM
How long have you been using Centium HRM? Do you know all its features and capabilities? Here's your chance. The Centium HRM training program offers extensive training on all of its versions On-Site as well as On-Line. Custom made courses are offered with many other benefits. Training programs will conducted by the Centium HRM certified trainers around the world.
On-Site Training
On-Site training offers you full freedom. You don't have to come to us-we'll go to you and bring our acclaimed training right to your location. It's convenient and economical, so you'll save time and money. Plus, you'll save on productivity costs. Projects won't be put on hold and emails won't go unanswered just because someone is out of the office. This flexible and cost effective option allows you to train as many or as few employees, from your team or department to everyone in your organization. On-site training can be offered to groups between 50-100 employees depending on the availability of space and other facilities in your organization. On-Site training offers many benefits to both the employees and the organization. 

On-Site Training Benefits for the Users
  • Courses can be planned around individual and department schedules and delivered in any format.
  • Enables every employee to have the same learning experience.
  • Allows your team to learn with real-world, mission-specific examples to ensure your project's success.
On-Site Training Benefits for the Organization
  • Maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling.
  • Significantly reduce training expenses by letting you train groups of employees.
  • Get all employees on the same wavelength.
  • Tailor the course material to fulfill corporate needs.
  • Training videos for future use.
For On-Site training prices please submit a request to the Centium Team. 

Technical Support
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At Centium Software Sd. Bhd.. we believe that

"Through focused development and by creating an active Open Source community of both HR and IT professionals, Centium HRM will be continuously improved and evolved into an outstanding product which can be further customized to fit the exact requirements of the user. "

Collaboration with intelligent, diverse and open minded community helps us in getting valuable feedback on needs and demands of their businesses/organizations and requirements and suggestions that would help in future developments of Centium HRM. The shared information and knowledge are highly valued by our flexible team, who work hard to enhance the system in response to the inputs from the community.

Centium Software Sdn. Bhd.
A-6-1 Jalan 2/142A, Megan Phoenix,
Off Jalan Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur
For more information,  
Call us at : (603) - 9106 1199
Email us at :
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